Money Works Direct was founded by a collective team of professional entrepreneurs with over 35 years of combined small business and lending experience. We felt there was an immediate need in today's challenging economy to assist small to medium sized businesses grow with an infusion of our private capital. After all, small to medium sized businesses are the foundation of our great nation. However, banks and small business lending associations are still very stringent with their underwriting guidelines and their procedures are often lengthy in process. Therefore, in order to successfully service our clients' immediate financial needs, our 'customer service' dedicated group of funding specialists will customize a funding program for your business while learning and understanding the life cycle your business. As a quasi 'silent funding partner', 'your business' objectives, goals and expectations are extremely important to us. We understand that no two businesses are the same. Consequently, it is imperative that we provide your business with the most effective financing program to ensure your company's successful growth. At Money Works Direct, we invite you to experience "The Direct Way." We practice and live by what we preach; "Customer Service is not a Department, it's our Attitude!"


To become your business's trusted 'silent partner' by working with you to develop a long term growth strategy, while infusing growth capital at the proper times in the process to ensure sustainable and healthy growth for your business.Mission


To assist and serve small to medium sized businesses expand with our use of private capital, intelligence, and past business experiences. We strive to understand your business on a granular level thus allowing us to act as your trusted 'silent partner.'